Dual adjustable power supply circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Circuit principle: This circuit uses three-terminal adjustable integrated voltage regulator, S gear set, the power supply voltage via a step-down transformer 17. 5VX2 alternati

Dual adjustable power supply circuit
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ng current voltage after the bridge rectifier, respectively, to give as gifts IC1,1C2 input end, the sampling resistor Ri, horses and adjustment potentiometer RP1, RP2 control, obtained at the output 1. 25-15V continuously adjustable voltage disabilities. When S 2 is placed, the dual output power transformer T as a single group using, after the power supply voltage by the rectifier filter, only to send IC1, get +1. 25-30V single power output. Among them, the resistance Rl, Rz: 240CZ, potentiometer RP1, RP2: 4. 7kf2; capacitance CL, C: 3300FcF/150V, G, C: 0.33 uF/63V.C5, C: lOtlFl50V; diode VD1 ~ VD4: 1N4001, VD5 ~ VD6: 1N4001} three terminal manifold ICl: LM317. IC2: LM337; switch S: KNX (Z 2). The power supply to all the capacitors are selected voltage greater than 50v, the two three-terminal adjustable power regulator block is about 15W, pay attention to add enough radiator,

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