Free Energy Circuit

Posted on May 26, 2012

This type of design can produce a very high amperage current for a faction a second that can used to do some useful work if properly harnessed. A point to remember is that Paul Baumann built his first device in prison and as such did not have access to exotic materials as is often described in other theories of how the Testakica was said to have worked. One would conclude from this, that as such, that the home experimenter should also be able to build such a device from material from around the house

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Getting the high voltage to start with. There are two main types of methods that I am aware of are they are. STEP UP VOLTAGE transformer As used by Edwin Gray in his invention the charging circuit is basically a 12 volt battery being driven by vibrating relays to pulse the power through a step up transformer to raise voltage from 12 volt to approx 3000 volts this then, is rectified and used to charge a bank of capacitors. This bank of capacitors is then discharged for a nano seconds period into special design tube which seems nothing than a copper rod a spark gap some carbon and a series of concentric rings around the spark gap and the resulting power collected on those rings is then fed to the earth via a air induction transformer or to the positive terminal of the charging batteries . The power appearing at secondary of this air induction transformer is then used to power the motoring coils of the specially design motor. High Voltage Induction Coil Another method used in early X-ray machine and also Marconi in his first radio transmission across the Atlantic ocean was the induction coil basically a two coils wound on a metal rod a small number of primary windings in heavier gauge wire and large number of finer gauge winding ,basically a step up transformer using the primary magnetic field to operate a switch that controls the power to the primary winding. This causes the magnetic field in the primary...

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