Self runner Generator

Posted on Jan 1, 2013

The timing must be exact to get those high voltage spikes. I used a tiny magnet on the rotor, that triggered a reedswitch allowing the relay to pulse the energy from the recovery coil to the primary battery. In the same time the rest of the circuit is disconnected form the primary battery. The recovery coil has to have at least 20Ohms resistance, the higher the better, because when the speed rises at startup, you can see on the meter, that the voltage across the recovery coil increases.

Self runner Generator - image 1
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But the 2000V spikes start to appear only when about 30-35V are reached. So if your recovery coil can not generate at least 30 volts conventionally, it will be hard for you to get those high voltage spikes. If so, just add some more turns of wire on your coil. The magnets are in NSNS configuration. You must place the neo magnet so that it triggers the relay just after the N magnet has passed by the primary power coil and just before the next N magnet. That way you will get the high voltage.

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