Swiss ML Testakica

Posted on Jan 9, 2013    5771

The Unit is started by hand by revolving the two disks in opposite directions and continues to move without further input. This device has only two moving parts namely the bearing races at the centre of the disk. The disk are made of clear plastic upon which are placed flat a series of fifty blade type steel or aluminium sections equally spaced around the middle sections of each disk. The speed of the revolving disks is about 50 to 60 rpm limited to this by magnetic impulses from the magnetic section on the rim.

Swiss ML Testakica - image 1
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To those that have seen this powerhouse in operation it is certain that useable power is being extracted from the environment and some is being used to run the machine. This is an energy system which relies on the self moving wimhurst electro static generator for the high voltage and somehow the members of this commune have found a way to extract ,amplify and convert this energy to powerful useful levels. The Swiss M/l converter is based on a modified wimshurst electrostatic machine. My people have seen the swiss m/l converter in operation but to do date no one has been able to understand or successfully reproduced the results as claim by the Swiss commune group Methernitha in Linden . But to one fortunate individual had a visit to Paul B.who is claimed to have had said that if they could understand the above following experiment they would be close to understanding how the device was able to work.(as illustrated above) It consists of two plates of metal one aluminium the other copper separated by a insulator of some unknown material could be paper or plastic(unknown) It also included a horse shoe magnet wrapped with a coil of wire and both ends soldered together. Paul B placed this capacitor made of the differing metals between the poles of a horse shoe magnet and then asked a witnesses to connect the plates to two probes of a voltmeter to each plate and to their surprise found a voltage of seven hundred volts...

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