IR2110 for forward inverter system schematic

In the forward inverter system applications: IRZ110 for receiving such a line when the line shown in Figure 12-39, in this application, the next channel on the channel IR 2110 and shared an input into the pulse signal, which determines
IR2110 for forward inverter system schematic - schematic

the HO and LO-phase output. Workers of the inverter as a principle, when the channel output HO is high, VF, conduction, this time due to the next one channel output LO is also high, so VF, conduction, VF, shutdown, VF. conduction, electricity flows through the high voltage power supply HV, field scattered and directly load transistor VF ,, Z and field-effect transistor VF, circulation. The LO output when the upper channel and the lower channel HO output is low level, VF, and VF. Off, VF. Conduction, inductive load Z resumed flow path for the VF. , Z and VD. To a high voltage power supply. Thus, this inverter input control no Cang signal is high or low in the load current and voltage section Z as a positive direction (left to right). So called forward inverter din, the figure HL load current sampling part. Its role is to provide a protection circuit overcurrent protection signal, " over-current protection.

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