LM7805 + 5V power supply configuration

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Circuit shown in Figure output voltage + 5V, output current of 1.5A power supply. It consists of power transformer B, a bridge rectifier circuit D1 ~ D4, filter capacitor C1, C

LM7805 + 5V power supply configuration
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

3, preventing self-excited capacitor C2, C3 and a fixed three-terminal regulator (7805) is very simple and easily barricaded.220V AC power through the power transformer into alternating low pressure, through a bridge rectifier circuit D1 ~ D4 and filter capacitor C1 is rectified and filtered in the Vin and GND at both ends of the fixed three-terminal regulator LM7805 form a not very stable DC voltage (the voltage change often because of fluctuations in the mains voltage or load reasons vary). The DC voltage is regulated and C3 of the LM7805 will filter the output of the power supply produces high accuracy, stability, good DC output voltage. The power supply can be used as the power supply circuit or a TTL microcontroller circuit. Three-terminal regulator is a standardized, serialized general linear regulator IC, with its small size, low cost, good performance, high reliability, simple and convenient features, becoming the power supply application the most widely used of a monolithic integrated voltage regulator devices.

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