Series DC power supply

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

As can be seen, a power supply is usually the transformer, rectifier filter, adjust the yuan pieces, more zoom, six partial reference power supply and sampling, etc., there are

Series DC power supply
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some power supply overload or short circuit protection device. Circuit from 220V step-down transformer T to 10V, VD1 ~ VD4 bridge rectifier into a pulsating the AC 10V DC, through the capacitor c1 filter, and then by the regulation, amplification, sampling aspects, the adjustment tube VT2, the output DC Uo to 6V. Adjust the sampling resistor RP large small, you can change the output voltage U. 6V changes within the circuit output current Io is 200mA. It regulators working process is: when the output voltage changes, through a resistor divider to sample, after comparison with the reference power, amplification will amplify the error signal, to the base of the pole to adjust their regulator pressure drop in order to achieve a stable output voltage. Generally speaking, an enlarged part of the greater magnification, the higher the degree of stability. Let Control 12 - Stability turns 21a as shown in a block diagram of each power supply as follows: (1) the reference voltage of a reference voltage should be higher DC voltage stability, otherwise, since the reference voltage is changed, even if the U, not variable t It will cause the output voltage changes, affecting the stability of the output voltage. Currently. Often using a silicon reference voltage regulator vs Phoenix and achieved, as shown in Figure 12-21b, the key is to choose the regulator circuit current limiting resistor, the resistance should be guaranteed when the input voltage [ minimum flow through the regulator Parker tube current nor less than the minimum current to maintain stable voltages

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