Suitable for driving the microprocessor power supply LT1587 LT1431S

Figure (a) is the use of a microprocessor power supply circuit constituted LT1587-3.45. Figure (b) is constructed using the LT1585 output voltage adjustable power supply. Figur

e (c) is the use of computer power LT1584 and LT1431 constituted. LT1584, LTl585, LT1587 output current of 7A, 4.6A, 3A, is most suitable for driving the microprocessor regulator with high-speed transient response characteristics, load regulation of 0.5% in the thermal breakdown protection circuit. The basic application circuit is very simple, fixed output voltage, as long as the input and output terminals of each capacitor connected l only; an adjustable output voltage, connect the output setting for the two resistors to, input and output capacitance can very small.

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