Zero-power regulator circuit diagram

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

As shown in the zero-power regulator circuit is simple, reliable and able to work. It is suitable for all kinds of electric power adjustment appliance, series wound motor power

Zero-power regulator circuit diagram
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adjustment and the like. Circuit operation principle of the device as shown, it is from the power circuit, the AC zero-crossing detection circuit, decimal counter/pulse distributor and triac and other components. After the 220V mains power transformer T Buck, diode VD1, VD2 rectified full wave rectifier circuit constituted by the C filter is supplied after the whole circuit. Via diode VD3, VD4 full-wave rectified, obtained after the pulsating DC voltage by R1 applied to the inverting input of the operational amplifier IC1 is. When the zero-ripple voltage (AC voltage is zero), IC1 then there have been zero pulse. IC2 pulse for counting and allocation of zero-crossing pulses to generate SCR trigger signal. S is the power adjustment switch to adjust the power AC load change IC2 counting by S. For example, when the S in the 3 file, IC2 carried quaternary counted every four zero-input pulse produces only two trigger pulse to trigger the triac turned on, so that the file for the half-power profile. The figure shows a 4-speed, due to the IC2 with 10 outputs, the appropriate combination of these outputs, you can get different power profiles. VT connected as a high-current switch, different flows through the thyristor VS large current trigger, thus making it work reliably. Wherein IC1 adopt a common operational amplifier integrated circuit (eg LM324N, TL082 etc.). IC2 use CD4O17. VT use 3DK4 or other medium power switching transistor can, 1OO. VS should be selected based on the current load, the pressure of not less than 600V, inductive load withstand voltage value can be increased. T uses 2 ~ 3W power transformer secondary electric pressure 9V. S selector switch for the power adjustment, optional ceramic band switch. No special requirements other components, according to the illustrated value selection.

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