1000W AC power supply automatic voltage regulator circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

As shown in FIG circuit, T is auto voltage regulator. Its output fixed input end by a servo motor to automatically adjust the output remains constant.Transistor VTl, VT2: 3DK9C, = 65 ~ 85; VT3: 3AX818, = 60 ~ 80; diode VD2, VD3, VD6 ~ VD9: 1N4002; VD4,

1000W AC power supply automatic voltage regulator circuit
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VD5, VD10: 1N4148; VD11: IN4001; light-emitting diodes VD1: BT304; Zener diode VD12: 2CW119; capacitor C1: l F400V; C2, C3: 0.1 F250V; C4, C5: 220 F25V; C6: 470 F50V; C7, C8: 47 F50V; resistance Rl: 10k ; R2, R7: 510 ; R3, R6: 2.7k ; R4: 470 ; R5: 51 ; resistance in addition to the nominal power resistors Rl to select more than 3W power, other are selected 1/2 ~ 1 / 4W metal film resistors; potentiometer RPl, RP2: 1k ; relay Kl ~ K3: JRK-13F; AC contactor KA: 522; servo motor M: ND-D; voltmeter PV: 85L1-0 ~ 250V; switch S1KN3 3; S2: KN-2W1D; fuse FU: BGOP µ6-5A .

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