13.8Vdc 2A Regulated Power Supply Circuit

Posted on Feb 19, 2013

This regulated power supply consists of step-down transformer Tl, a full-wave rectifier bridge (D1 through D4), and a filtering regulator circuit made up of Cl, C2, Rl, R2, R8, D5, and Ql, When 120 Vac is provided, the neon-lamp assembly LI lights up, and transformer Tl changes 120 Vac to about 28 Vac. The rectifier bridge, )1 through D4, rectifies the ac into pulsating dc, which is then filtered by Cl. Capacitor Cl acts as a storage capacitor.

13.8Vdc 2A Regulated Power Supply Circuit
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Zener diode 1)5 keeps the voltage constant across the base of Darlington regulator Ql, causing constant voltage across resistor R3 and the (+) and (-) output terminals, where the load is connected. Fuse F2 is used to open (blow), if the current through the output terminals is too high. Make sure to take proper precautions when using projects powered by 120 Vac.

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