Posted on Aug 12, 2012

The supply receives + 20 Vdc from the rectifier/filter section. This is applied to pins 11 and 12 of the uA723, as well as to the collector of the 2N3055 series-pass transistor. The output voltage is sampled through R1 and R2, providing about 7 V with respect to ground at pin 4. The reference terminal at pin 6 is tied directly to pin 5, the noninverting input of the error amplifier. For fine trimming the output voltage, a potentiometer can be installed between R1 and R2. A 100-pF capacitor from pin 13 to pin 4 furnishes gain compensation for the amplifier.

Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

Base drive to the 2N3055 pass transistoris furnished by pin 10 of the uA 723. Since the desired output of the supply is 1 A. maximum current limit is set to 1.5 A by resistor Rsc whose value is 0.433 0. A 100-J

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