5 And 12V Ac Powered Switching Supply

Posted on Sep 30, 2012

This supply uses an SGS-Thomson UC3842 IC in an off-line flyback regulator, providing + 5 V at 4 A

5 And 12V Ac Powered Switching Supply
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and ± 12 V at 300 mA. This enables a small high-frequency (50 kHz) transformer, to handle large amounts of power that are normally handled by a 60-Hz transformer. Q1 is a 5-A 500-V MOSFET, and the diodes are fast-recovery types. T1 has a 45-turn primary winding of #26 wire. The 12-V windings are each 9 turns of #30 wire, bifilar wound. The 5-V winding is 4 turns of four bifilar #26 wires. The control (feedback) winding is two bifilar, parallel 10-turn, #30 windings. The core is Ferroxcube EC35-3C8 with a 3/s" center leg.

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