Anti-RF filtered power supply 12-14 Volt / 3A

Posted on Aug 19, 2012

This power supply is dedicated for use with rf equipments like, linear amplifiers, transmitters, receivers, and in every application that clean an-noisy signal is required. The circuit is very simple and you can drive it with a 220V/18V/3A transformer at the pins 1and 2.

Anti-RF filtered power supply 12-14 Volt / 3A - image 1
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The regulator used here is the LM350K and make sure you place a good heatsink to it because it gets too hot if current gets near to 3A. Parts list: R1 = 220 Ohm 1/4W R2 = 1,8 KOhm 1/4W R3 = 330 Ohm 1/4W P1 = 100 Ohm C1,C2,C3 = 4.700uf/25V C4 = 100pf ceramic C6 = 100uf/25V electrolitic D1..4 = 1N5400-4 or RAX GI 837U F1 = 5A IC1 = LM350K

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