Posted on Jan 30, 2013

It is usually desirable to have the remote transmitter of a 4 to 20 mA current loop system powered directly from the transmission line. In some cases, this is not possible because of the high-power requirements set by the remote sensor/transmitter system. In these cases, an alternative to the separate power supply is still possible. If the remote transmitter can be operated in a pulsed mode where it is active only long enough to perform its function, then a charge pool power supply can still allow the transmitter to be powered directly by the current loop.

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In this circuit, constant current II is supplied to the charge pool capacitor, CP, ~! the HA-5141 (where II ~ 3 mA). The voltage VI continues to rise until the output of the HA-5141 approaches + V, or the optional voltage limiting provided by Z2. The LM2931 voltage regulator supplies the transmitter with a stable + 5 V supply from the charge collected by CP. Available power supply current is determined by the duration, allowable voltage droop on CP, and required repetition rate.

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