DC to DC converter electronic schematic

Posted on Nov 16, 2012

Those of you who frequently use devices that work on battery or you need a negative trend at the moment you have a single positive, will definitely look for a converter like the one described below. Constructing it, you can convert a positive voltage of a battery of 9 V to negative using well known integrated 555. The same circuit can also be used in cases those requiring two symmetrical lines of power, when available a single battery. The integrated TLC555 is the old bipolar NE555, manufactured with technology but CMOS. Unless you have this type of integrated, you might as well use an 7555. In this construction, the TLC555 is syndesmologimeno arranged in a ground unstable.

DC to DC converter electronic schematic
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

The oscillation frequency determined by the A2, A3, C 1 and approaching 20 kHz. The rectangular waveform produced by the oscillator is therefore time to time (Duty Cycle) close to 50%. The waveform is led to a rectifier Doubler formed by C3, O1, O2 and C4. In place of O1 and O2 should be placed diodes Schottky type VAT85 due to low voltage correct direction which is equal to 0,4 V (silicon diodes such as type 1 N4148, show a tendency equal to 0,7 V). The capacitor C4 cares for smoothing the voltage bristled, while the C5 relieve the signal from noise high frequencies. With the help of A1, C6 and C7 achieved the disconnection of supply voltage timer. The consumption of the inverter to power depends largely on the load to be connected to the output of -9 V. As seen from the values ??indicated in the table, the output voltage is held within tolerable levels, as the load current is kept less than 1O mA. To make it easy to integrate the inverter into any electronic device, I suggest you build a small PCB board.

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