Low voltage regulators

Posted on Mar 16, 2013

These short-circuit protected regulators give 6, 7, and 9 V from an automobile battery supply of 13 V nominal; however, they will function just as well if connected to a smoothed dc output from a transformer/rectifier circuit. Two types are shown for both positive and negative ground systems. The power transistors can be mounted on the heatsink without a mica insulating spacer thus allowing for greater cooling efficiency. Both circuits are protected against overload or short-circuits. The current cannot exceed 330 mA

Low voltage regulators
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Under normal operating conditions the voltage across R2 does not rise above the 500 mV necessary to turn Q2 on and the circuit behaves as if there was only Q1 present. If excessive current is drawn, Q2 turns on and cuts off Ql, protecting the regulating transistor. The table gives the values of Rl for different zener voltages.

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