Regulated Charge Pump

Posted on Oct 30, 2012

The dc-dc converter substitutes a voltage tripler in place of the external inductor and the diode that`s typically as

Regulated Charge Pump
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sociated with the switching regulator, IC1. Inverting and noninverting amplifiers in the MOS-FET-driver (IC2) activate a diode-capacitor tripling network (D1 through D3, CI through C3). A 50-kHz oscillator residing within IC1 produces the EXT signal (pin 6), IC2 converts this signal into drive signals (180° out of phase) for the tripler. The resulting charge-discharge action in the capacitors recharges C3 toward 10 V every 20 The ferrite bead limits output ripple to about 20-mVpp for a 50-mA load. Conversion efficiency is about 70% for the 5-V input, 10-V output configuration.

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