Ups 5Volt Circuit

Posted on Jul 22, 2012

A 9-V wall adapter supplies Vm. IC2 contains a low-battery detector circuit that senses l7IN by means of R6 and R7. The detector output Cpin 7) drives an inverter (Ql), which in turn drives the shut-down inputs Ic of 1C1 and SHDN of IC2. These inputs have opposite-polarity active levels. The common feedback resistors, R2 and R3 enable both regulators to sense the output voltage, V0VT. When IC2 shuts down, its output turns off.

Ups 5Volt Circuit
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However, when IC1 shuts down, the whole chip assumes a low-power state and draws under 1 . LI, D2, Gl, C2, R2, and R3 are part of the 250-mW switching regulator. Diodes D3 and D4 wire-OR the power connection to IC2, and 03 improves the linear regulator`s load regulation.

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