Adjustable power charger circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Charging apparatus shown in schematic circuit, the maximum output current of 20A, the maximum charge voltage of 80V. It can be adjusted from 0V onwards, and therefore capable o

Adjustable power charger circuit
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f a variety of battery charging, the battery pack can also be connected in series or battery of the same size charging, such as up to five 12V batteries in series for charging at the same time. Pair of series battery charging can shorten the connection length, reduce line losses, convenient connection, it can greatly improve efficiency. From the figure, the transformer T is double-base diode voltage V1 to provide work, double-base diode V1 and the corresponding peripheral components of an oscillator, the oscillation frequency can be RP1, RP2 control. In this circuit, RP1, RP2 value difference between the larger, so in practical work, RP2 can play the role of coarse, RP1 from fine-tune the role of a single battery charge when it is particularly important to avoid damage to the battery. V1 generated by the oscillation pulses through VD3 isolation triggered thyristor VS, charging current and voltage level depends on the size of the oscillator output pulse, which is determined by the oscillation frequency. R5 is a sampling resistor, depending on meter size may be, if the internal resistance ammeter with the sampling, the R5 can be omitted. R6, C2 is to protect the head of the table with a damping element. The actual selection of component parameters as shown, available power transformer T is 5W, the output voltage of about 24V any type of transformer, if the output voltage of less than 0 ~ 80V, maximum current up to less than 20A, can be replaced with another double base tube can also be replaced with higher sensitivity triggered thyristor. Of particular note are: phase and neutral connection according to the figure; the actual operation, must be connected before power is turned on after the battery; When charging is completed, you should cut off the power, then remove the battery connections. The disadvantage of this machine is significant interference on the grid, able to do so, you can make a powerful filter to reduce interference on the power grid.

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