LT4060 with temperature-controlled 2A NiMH battery charger

Charging circuit will rise, especially rechargeable batteries and the charging circuit when a large current charging a higher temperature. LTC4060 external

thermistor can detect the charging temperature to avoid overheating the charging. LT4060 with temperature-controlled 2A NiMH battery charging device as shown in RT, startling the LT4060 internal circuit temperature detection circuit, RT negative temperature coefficient of thermal sensitive resistor, the resistance at 45 can choose when lOkn thermistor close to the surface of the cell on. When the temperature is relatively high, LT4060 will automatically reduce the charge current when the temperature rises to 55 , the charging stops automatically. Charging indicator LED1, LED2 is "full charge" indicator. feet to set the maximum charging current ,, s. = 1395 / R, feet set the maximum charge voltage. LT4060 charging current is o_4-2A, supply voltage range 4.5N10V. It can nickel-metal hydride and nickel cadmium rechargeable electric battery.

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