NiCad charger with independent discharge

Posted on Dec 14, 2012

If you use different batteries with actual capacity, with different self-discharge rate of batteries from different manufacturers, you will perhaps throw further described charger. Because each cell can be discharged separately recharge, can be charged with varying articles carrying charge. All of the described nabíjely NiCad battery chargers, or even be discharged all the articles (or group of cells) simultaneously. Such a charger is convenient to use if they are battery cells used in approximately the same capacity. It is met only with new and very long in storage batteries and battery assembled modellers, who can work with a collection of articles.

NiCad charger with independent discharge
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NiCad charger with independent discharge - image 1
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Collection of articles is quite time-consuming work, and so we, the other current users, we sort the batteries usually only criterion of good-bad. Then it may happen that one device will meet the batteries with different capacity and different self-discharge rate. With the smallest capacity batteries suffer from the culling - are being discharged to zero voltage and sometimes even reverse polarity, thus significantly reduces the number of charge cycles and shortens their life. This danger is especially for batteries with more cells, which discharged a total of one article can not be easily distinguished from the perimeter indicating a slight discharge the entire battery. The batteries have the greatest capacity on the contrary, according to the myths cherished memory effect manifests itself, since they usually are not charging the battery is completely discharged. The problem with using such battery charger described partly addressed. After inserting the batteries, the batteries are discharged separately to the first voltage of 0.9 V and only then recharged. Can be recharged up to four AA (R6, "pencil article"). The smaller number of cells is one in which the position of an article is added, which remains empty. The first position is the backup status flip-flop circuits in a power failure, and therefore it should always be fitted article. Otherwise, the positions are completely equivalent. Charging is slow stream of...

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