NiCads charger

Posted on Jan 6, 2013

The driver circuit (see the complete schematic) has 4 main sections: * the voltage definition, * the integrator, * the current booster, and * the foldover. The schematic is drawn so that higher voltages are toward the top and lower voltages are towards the bottom. D1 is a voltage reference, LM385BZ-2.5 (you can get all these parts from Allied Electronics), that maintains a drop of 2.5 volts across its leads. Since B will be close to ground, there should be about 1.5 volts across R1 and about 0.8 mA of current, which is enough to keep D1 alive.

NiCads charger
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

The (somewhat abstract) schematic above shows the overall control loop. The glowplug is represented by R9. Notice there are 2 connections at each end of the plug. The heavy lines represent heavy wire that carries the current to/from the plug. The thinner

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