Nickel-cadmium battery fast charger temperature control circuit

Cause when fast charging nickel-cadmium battery temperature, as shown in FIG nickel-cadmium battery fast charger temperature of the control circuit can be provided to detect th

e temperature of the battery, so as to control the charging current. Icl ~ lC3 constituting the temperature control circuit, 1C4 charging circuit. IC1, IC2 temperature testing, adjusting section RPi, the ratio of the output voltage IC1 IC2 output voltage slightly higher than 50mV. Thus, before the thermostat does not start, feet potential voltage comparator IC3 than feet high, output is high, VD2 deadline, IC4 constant current of about 1A of the battery. IC2 affixed to the surface of the battery to be charged, when the battery temperature rises to a certain temperature, which is higher than the potential of feet feet potential, IC3 output low, VD2 conduction through, IC4 the ADJ pin is about 0.7V low potential output is constant pressure to maintain the trickle charge mode, the battery temperature decreases. Similarly, when the temperature falls to the previous temperature, but also restored constant current charging.

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