One simple charging circuit b porcelain

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

After some small loss of field magnets can be re-magnetized porcelain filled with homemade simple. Find a scrap of exchanges and contacts, and other models such as CJ10-60 ~ 15

One simple charging circuit b porcelain
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0A (220V or 380V can), remove the word armature, only Yamagata core. In the coil circuit fuse and a diode string, they formed a charge porcelain, as 10-42 fold shown. Figure (a) applies to a strip magnet magnetization, FIG. (B) applies to soft iron by setting the U-shaped magnet. When magnetizing, with A, B both ends to touch 220V (nominal coil voltage of 220V) or 380V (rated coil voltage of 180V at) AC power supply (pay attention to safety), there are sparks when touched, just touch 1, 2 times. Wait ten seconds after the punch, then touch 1,2 times, magnetization ends. Then allowed to stand for several hours and then remove (this effect).

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