Trickle charger circuit schematics

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Charging the battery using a slow manner (charging current, long time) is the most economical and safest way. Design the trickle charger should grasp two points: First, the use

Trickle charger circuit schematics
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of constant current charging; second, can be applied appropriate form of protection circuit. The following is a trickle charger to charge the battery for different purposes. Nickel-cadmium battery charger with flashlight A common market with a nickel-cadmium battery flashlight rectangular shape, all-plastic shell, one end of the head with two light bulbs, and the other end of the head with the power plug can be plugged directly into an electrical outlet to charge. Rectangular housing and is equipped with a charger circuit 2 5 nickel-cadmium batteries. Charger circuit is shown, which consists of two parts, the charging and lighting circuit. Working process are summarized as follows: ~ 220V voltage through capacitor C1 after limiting by diode rectifier, rectified pulsating current through the battery and ED network reach to charge the battery and charging indication purposes. Because the capacitor capacitance [1/(wC1)] much larger than the charging circuit impedance loop current (charging current) is mainly determined by the value of C1, so that part of constant current charging mode, the circuit capacitor C1 is 0.47uF (capacitance about 6.8k ohms), the battery charge current is about 30mA. ED network is charging indicator circuit, R2 diversion effect, the flow through the LED current of less than 10mA. Electrolytic capacitors C2 play the role of energy storage, the LED light indication is stable. Resistor R1 is C1 bleed resistor. Switch S, the lamp L1, L2 and a battery lighting circuits. S is a single-pole three-throw switch, S A throw point, bright lights L1; S throw point C, bright light L2; throw point B, L1, L2 is off, the location is charging switch S should be at. The circuit and power can not be isolated, for security reasons, not homemade.

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