Wind battery Charger

Posted on Nov 9, 2012

The dc motor is used as a generator with the voltage output being proportional to its rpm. The LTC1042 monitors the voltage output and provides the following control functions. If generator voltage output is below 13.8 V, the control circuit is active and the Ni-Cad battery is charging through the LM334 current source. The lead acid battery is not being charged. If the generator voltage output is between 13.8 V and 15.1 V, the 12 V lead acid battery is being charged at about 1 amp/hour rate (limited by the power FET).

Wind battery Charger
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If generator voltage exceeds 15.1 V (a condition caused by excessive wind speed or 12 V battery being fully charged) then a fixed load is connected limiting the generator rpm to prevent damage. This charger can be used as a remote source of power where wind energy is plentiful such as on sailboats or remote radio repeater sites. Unlike solar powered panels, this system will function in bad weather and at night.

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