30KV Power supply / Generator

Posted on Jul 12, 2012

Easy to build, this high voltage generator is capable of generating up to 50KV but the breakdown voltage of the coil limits the voltage to a value somewhat lower. T2 is the ignition coil of a car and also the 0.5µF capacitor comes from the same place: actually I suggest using only this type of capacitor. T1 is a small transformer with a laminated iron rod, with a square section of 7x7mm, 57mm long with 75 turns on the collector side and 25 turns on the base side made with a 1mm enamelled wire. Its implementation is not critical and I expect that the circuit will work with a wide variety of transformers including ferrite ones.

30KV Power supply / Generator
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

Try to invert one of the windings if the circuit does not oscillate. The transistor will stay quite cool and does not require a radiator if it is assembled on a metal case; otherwise a small 5ºC/W radiator will suffice. Frequency of operation is around 1.2KHz.

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