HV Ignition Coil Driver using 555

Posted on Nov 7, 2012

A Simple design based on a 555 to Drive a Car Ignition Coil. I Designed this for a Small Electric Fence to Protect my Vegitable Garden from some Small Animal called a Marmots. Last year they ate one of my crops entirely before I could install this device. A Few Shocks and No More Probem. My Garden is on Raised beds and the High Voltage wire is just 3 inches above the wood frames on homemade PVC Pipe Insulators. Could be Quite useful for persons that have Rabbit Problems also, with the wire raised a bit higher, But Read Warning Below. Definately Makes a STRONG Electric Fence. However, because it is a Continuous pulse output,

HV Ignition Coil Driver using 555
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

WARNING: This can Kill Smaller animals, such as cats and rabbits, And Probably Even Small Children! For a Much Safer Electric Fence, PLEASE consider making the "C-Mos Fencer" Project. However this Car coil design can have many other uses as a HV Supply.

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emil   Apr 1, 2020

I did this exact circuit and blew up mosfet coil diode and 555 instantly.

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