High voltage (120V), converting familiar fast (120V Shu us) power MOSFET Amplifier circuit

The south circuit composed of four parts, the order of descent {NPN transistor whole dynamic garbage dog device (Tfl ", Tr

song and PNP transistor differential amplifier Phi (TrS, Tt.4) double differential circuit, two balanced amplifier C output opposite phase), and the drive voltage amplification photo (Trs. Tri) port voltage amplifier stage is an important component determines the output amplitude and conversion Qu sneeze should be possible to work under a large bias Tong. Because Tr ,, TT8 collector base valve without a vote plus phase compensation capacitor, it is possible to reduce the conversion rate of decline. Trr bias circuit is used to eliminate the base voltage of the output stage q quiet area with yR. You can not pay the entire signal current output stage (or no-load electric reservoirs); r_, Tr- is used to limit the maximum drain current of the output stage circuit, play load short-circuit protection. Chu 1. , Set i. To reveal "the voltage across the 'I mouth lIi ,, x chu means D) dividing the voltage as Garnet had 0.5y, the transistor will be turned on by the suction 5fT'_l income TrIo base electric comb, so that electrical limit village gangrene in certain domestic norm.

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