High voltage power supply and boost for the BST capacitor DAC provides a tuning signal circuit diagram

As shown in FIG. 1 circuit generates high voltage signal for controlling BST (barium strontium titanate) capacitors capacitance. Simply applying a voltage of V and 3V to the co

rrect terminals, it can change the BST capacitance. Thus, changing the dielectric thickness, thus changing the capacitance. BST commonly used for tuning antenna arrays and tunable filters. Especially for these tuning applications have obvious advantages, for example, the compensation component tolerance errors, fine tuning or filter cutoff frequency for adjustable antenna impedance matching network. Figure 1. The boost power supply and high-voltage DAC provides a tuning signal BST capacitor (simplified schematic: All Connections Not Shown) Such applications require a convenient, compact, low-cost circuit to generate the high voltage power supply, only for this function to add a separate power supply is usually not practical. Figure 1 circuit ADP1613 boost converter and AD5504 30 V/6V DAC will meet the above requirements. Boost regulator circuit board of a total area of only 43 mm2. ADP1613 is available in 8-pin MSOP package, AD5504 16-pin TSSOP package. Boosting circuit can also be used for LED driver applications, a bias voltage and providing a receiver in optical communication systems.

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