Voltage Doublers

Posted on Jun 6, 2012

During the first half-cycle (Fig. 99-5(a)), Dl conducts, D2 cuts off, CI changes to 170 V peak, and C2 discharges through

Voltage Doublers
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RL. For the second half-cycle (Fig. 99-5(b)), the input polarity is reversed, and both the input and CI are in series, which produces 340 V (peak). Now, Dl cuts off, while D2 conducts, and the current divides between C2 and Rl, the cycle then repeats. Two Half-Wave Rectifiers, one with a positive output (Fig. 99-5(c)) and one negative (Fig. 99-5(d)), combine to make a full-wave voltage doubler (Fig. 99-5 (e)).

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