Reset generator uses "fleapower"

Posted on Apr 2, 2012

When a processor-controlled device must operate reliably, designers often choose to periodically reset the processor rather than rely on a watchdog configuration. In low-power systems, this periodic-reset circuit can consume a large part of the system`s current budget or may fail to operate at low voltages. The circuit in Figure 1 generates a low-going reset pulse of 100-µsec duration. The circuit consumes less than 1-µA operating current and operates from 1.8 to 5V supplies with little variation in the output period. The circuit is an adaptation of a normal relaxation oscillator.

The circuit has a differentiator and diode clamp on the output to generate the 100-µsec low-going pulse. You can adjust the period of the output waveform by varying R1, C1, or both. You can adjust the pulse width of the low-going reset pulse by varying

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