Posted on Feb 22, 2013

The power supply uses two VN4000A 400-V MOSPOWER FETs in a half-bridge power switch configuration. Outputs available are + 5 Vat 20 A and ±15 V (or ±12 V) at 1 A. Since linear three-terminal regulators are used for the low-current outputs, either ±12 V or ±15 V can be made available with a simple change in the transformer secondary windings. A TU94 switching regulator IC proVides pulse-width modulation control and drive signals for the power supply. The upper MOSPOWER FET, Q7. in the power switch stage is driven by a simple transformer drive circuit.

Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

The lower MOS. Q6, since it is ground referenced. is directly driven from the control !C.

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