15V TOP224Y 2A DC output switching power supply circuit

Constituted by a 15V TOP224Y, 2A output DC switching power supply circuit shown in FIG. Using three integrated circuits: ICl is a monolithic regulator TOP224Y, IC2 is optocoupl
15V TOP224Y 2A DC output switching power supply circuit - schematic

ers NEC2501, IC3 is a precision voltage reference TL431. TL431 (IC3) and the optocoupler NEC2501 (IC2) constituting the electrically isolated external error amplifier, and then with TOP224Y internal error amplifier with the use of TOP224Y (IC1) a control terminal of the current fine adjustment, thus greatly improving the performance of the regulator.+ 15V regulated output by R4, R5 partial pressure sampling voltage obtained with the TL431 internal 2.5V reference voltage, by changing the K-side potential to control the LED current, thereby regulating the control terminal current Ic. Rl is LED current limiting resistor, and can set the control loop DC gain. R4 and C8 also determines the frequency characteristics of the external error amplifier. Regulation accuracy of the power supply with integrated linear power supply comparable: u When the AC input voltage from 85V to change when 265V, Sv 0.2%; When the load current from 10% (0.2A) is changed to 100% (2A time), Sl can reach 0.2%.3.1.8 constituted by a 5V TOP414G, 2A output isolated switching power supply

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