+5V, 1A DC output flyback switching power supply circuit TOP100Y

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

TOP100Y constituted by a + 5v, 1A output flyback DC switching power supply circuit is shown. This flyback

+5V, 1A DC output flyback switching power supply circuit TOP100Y
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switching power supply output voltage is directly regulated by a feedback circuit for applications requiring isolation and load change is small. When the DC input voltage Ui = 95 ~ 185V, the voltage regulation Sv = 1.25%. When the load current changes from l0% to l00%, the load regulation SI = 4.5%. The output ripple voltage is 25mV. Switching frequency is still 100kHz (typ).Clamp circuit consists of transient voltage suppression diodes VDz (P6KE91) and ultra-fast recovery diode VDl (UF4004) components. Secondary voltage VD3, C2, L, C3 after rectifier filter to obtain a + 5V output. After the adoption of the feedback coil voltage VD2, R and Cl rectifier filter, applied to the control terminal of TOPl00Y. Cl doubles as a control loop compensation capacitor, and decided to auto-restart frequency.

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Jilvir   Apr 15, 2020

Hi, thanks for sharing, what is the transformer you are using? if you are using the toroid, what is the size of toriod T50? what is the gage or size of the magnetic wire and how many turn or resistance value? thanks...

Jilvir   Apr 15, 2020

Is there working? what is the transformer you used? sorry I'm new and exploring... thanks for sharing anyway.

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