Adaptive zero voltage switching electronic ballasts

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Adaptive zero voltage switching electronic ballast schematic diagram: IR2520 is mainly used for driving the fluorescent 40W or less. Rated lamp power different, Q1, Q2, L2 and

Adaptive zero voltage switching electronic ballasts
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C7 components such parameters are slightly different. E.g. When the lamp rated power in the 16-28W range. Q1 and Q2 should use 500V, 2A of the MOSFET (eg IRFC420 etc.), L2 inductance values between about 1.8mH and 3.5mH, C7 capacity usually 3.3nF-5.6nF. Lamp greater the power, the inductance value L2 of the smaller, specific debugging determined by the lamp current close to or in line with the rated lamp current.

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