Dragon -ZL-2801A DVD machine type switching power supply circuit

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

Dragon -ZL-2801A DVD machine type switching power supply circuit It shows Dragon ZL-2801A type DVD machine switching power supply circuit, which is mainly from the AC input cir

Dragon -ZL-2801A DVD machine type switching power supply circuit
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cuit, a rectifier filter wave circuit, the oscillation circuit switch, switch transformer Tl, secondary rectifier and voltage regulator circuit constituted. 1. AC input circuit AC input circuit from the power switch S, fuse Fl, mutual inductance LF filter and filter capacitor Cl, C2 and the like, its function is to filter the AC input signal interference and noise. 2. Rectifier filter circuit after 22V AC voltage is filtered heap D1 ~ D4 bridge rectifier circuit filter capacitor C3 and processed by a bridge rectifier, and the output DC voltage of about 30V transformer and switch to TIs O feet.

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