Sanyo 83P switching power supply circuit diagram

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Oscillation: C310 positive terminal voltage of about 300V, the R311, R312 is applied to the switch BG311 B pole, while the B301 via the switching transformer (4), (6) was added BG311 of C pole winding, the switch begins to conduct,

Sanyo 83P switching power supply circuit diagram
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in the B301 (2), (3) windings (2) n (3) negative positive feedback voltage, the R335, D335, C333 B pole added BG311, BG311 quickly saturated. After BG311 saturation, B301 (4), (6) winding current increases linearly, B301 stored magnetic energy. BG311 E side current flows through R330, produces linearly increasing sawtooth voltage on the R330, the voltage through C330 to A301 (2) feet, so that the internal (2) Two foot control MOSFET, the A301's (3) feet on the B pole switch BG311 current shunt, while the negative terminal of the voltage C330 also through A301 (2), (3) was added to the foot of the B pole BG311, BG311 eventually out of saturation. BG311 Once out of saturation, the induced voltage polarity reversal of all the windings B301, B301 (2), (3) winding voltage by R335, C333 feedback, so BG311 rapidly closing. During off BG311, D351, D353, D361, D371 are conduction, B301 magnetic energy into electrical energy is stored to be released in order to establish 180V, 130V, 16V, 26V four voltage. After BG311 off, B301 (4), (6) winding and C308, C309 and C310 produces free oscillations, after a half cycle, 300V voltage by R311, R312 to C333 charge, after a period of time, the end BG311 deadline, and enter the next cycle of oscillation. Regulation process: Voltage winding B301 (1), (3), rectified by D332, C327 and C328 generated on the DC voltage of about 30V or so, reflecting the magnitude of the voltage magnitude of the output voltage, the voltage through A301 (7), (10) feet into the internal sampling circuit, thereby controlling BG1 current size, it controls the BG2, BG3 level of conduction, and ultimately control the switch BG311 conduction time. It controls the size of the output voltage.

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