Switching power supply circuit with STK6303

T amplifier circuit schematic section shown in Figure 3-51 Japan Sanyo STK6303 Pina made high-power thick film integrated circuit, the power supply voltage maximum Dashi sov, output current up to about loA Division monolithic circuit powering Guests 36V,
Switching power supply circuit with STK6303 - schematic

you can get loOw sinusoidal power. In the circuit of negative feedback op amp AD712 volume control ten of its advantages is itself a high-quality adjustable gain (O ~ l0 times) pre-stage, using potentiometer resistance line, high balance, no control procedure noise, very solid with, worthy of promotion. NE5532 as a thick film circuit STK6303 driven stage, is a quasi- second mode, this level gain of about 15 times the input of the amplifier sensitivity 300mV, impedance about lOktl, can be adapted to a variety of common signal source (of course, pay attention to impedance matching Wait).

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