Switching power supply circuit with STK6303

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

T amplifier circuit schematic section shown in Figure 3-51 Japan Sanyo STK6303 Pina made high-power thick film integrated circuit, the power supply voltage maximum Dashi sov, output current up to about loA Division monolithic circuit powering Guests 36V,

Switching power supply circuit with STK6303
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

you can get loOw sinusoidal power. In the circuit of negative feedback op amp AD712 volume control ten of its advantages is itself a high-quality adjustable gain (O ~ l0 times) pre-stage, using potentiometer resistance line, high balance, no control procedure noise, very solid with, worthy of promotion. NE5532 as a thick film circuit STK6303 driven stage, is a quasi- second mode, this level gain of about 15 times the input of the amplifier sensitivity 300mV, impedance about lOktl, can be adapted to a variety of common signal source (of course, pay attention to impedance matching Wait).

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