This low-voltage high-current output, sWitching de power supply is running off the 220-Vac input. In this circuit, an ST2 diac relaxation oscillator, Q3, Cl, and the diac, initiates conduction of the output switching transistor Ql, the on-time of which is maintained constant by a separate tirning/conunutation network consisting of Q2, C2, SUS, and SCR 1. The output voltage, consequently, is dependent on the duty cycle.
Switching-power-supply - schematic

To compensate for unwanted variations of output voltage because of input voltage or load resistance fluctuations, an HllC wired as a linear-model unilateral PNP transistor in a stable differential amplifier configuration is connected into the galvanically isolated negative-feedback loop. The loop determines the duty cycle and hence the output voltage. Of further interest in this circuit is the use of several low-current, high-voltage, 400V VvRM thyristors (Q2, Q3,) which are also used as pnp remote-base transistors. Short-circuit protection is assured by coupling Ql collector-current feedback into the tum-off circuitry via Rss·

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