GPS Jammer with PIC16F870


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Jammer Circuits / RF Circuits
GPS trackers as GPS vehicle tracking and person monitoring tracking can be used in a good way but sometimes they are used in bad way. These tracker units monitor the exact location of you, and then deliver that information to a second part. If you don’t want your location is track able then GPS jammer will take care of that.
GPS Jammer with PIC16F870 - schematic

GPS jammer is a high accuracy RF system using PLL controlled VCO with 3.4 W power output. It can create black spot that blocks all known GPS trackers on the market. This PIC16F870-based GPS blocker works with jamming range 1000-2000 feet. The main part of this project is a VCO, PIC 16F870 and a PLL LMX2322. The device is powered by 9V battery and it has small size, you can put it in your pocket

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