High Power Portable TV and FM Jammer circuit

Posted on May 21, 2013

There are still neighbors that keep annoying you by having loud the TV or the radio? Well I have you the solution. In fact all neighborhood will face your jamming waves at their TVs and radios, so be careful. This Jammer is the improved version of the old `TV and FM jammer schematic` with the difference of much higher power. Many of you where asking for a stronger and wider effect but to be as portable as can be. Looking at the schematic you can see that, only the parts are changing keeping the basic circuit intact. Have in mind that this version needs heat sink and antenna to keep the transistor alive.

High Power Portable TV and FM Jammer circuit
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.


The power source comes from three 9 volt batteries in series, so we use 27 volts at input, and we get a power full 2,5 Watts at output.  
You are going to need 70cm to 2 meter simple wire antenna.  
As for the transistor Q its the 2N3553. Its a RF Power Silicon NPN Transistor in a TO39 type  package designed to be used in amplifiers and oscillator applications in military and industrial equipment.  
Usually found as an output driver, or in predriver  stages in VHF equipment, but because here we don't care about the modulation of the signal but just the power, that's why we use it as a first and final output driver. 
The transistor is specified at 175MHz and 28V to give: Output Power: 2.5W, Minimum Gain: 10dB and Efficiency: 50%. 
The parts are: R1=10k, R2=2,2K, R3=100 C1=47uF/50V, C2=2.2nF, C3=10pF, SW=switch, B=Battery 9V. 
The coil L should be closely wound 5 turns (start tunning with the closely wound distance of turns and then play with it and the C4 capacitor, to find the desired frequency )of enameled copper wire 1.5mm and internal coil diameter of 1cm (leads 2x20mm). 
The variable capacitor C4 should be air trimmer capacitor rating 4 to 30 pf or the closest to this value. 
Connect the batteries in series place the best heat sink for TO39 case you can get and pack it all in a small plastic box. Enjoy ;)

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cCCCA   Dec 9, 2017

hello, i have few question. what is the range of this jammer? i want to simulate this circuit in multisim what is the value of L? what is the frequency range?

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