High power Valve Russian Jammers

Posted on Oct 21, 2012

These photos were made in the years 1956 and 1957. On photo nr. 3, on the right, at the bottom, is the GMD. The work that was done at the objekt was of course top secret. It was strictly forbidden to talk to any acquaintance or relative about the work. Needless to say, photographing the objekt was just as strictly forbidden. Getting caught could have brought with it a 25 year prison sentence. Nevertheless, we took pictures, talked about our work, and sometimes, at night, even brought in friends to show them the jammers. No one got caught.

High power Valve Russian Jammers
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When it comes to jamming though, we are quite plainly second division when compared to the world masters, the former Soviet Union. Our friends in former Soviet Republics have quite kindly emailed the following material, for which we are most grateful! This article deals with events which occurred in the Soviet Union after World War II. The Iron Curtain had been lowered. The peoples trapped in the Soviet Union were not to get any kind of information from abroad. The Communists were able to prevent people from moving through the Iron Curtain. But radio waves did not succumb to their regulations and penetrated the Curtain. This was a source of serious worry for the authorities what would happen, now that info was coming in!? Something had to be done. And a solution was found. Communists have always been frightened by radio receivers and photo cameras. If the taking of photos was always feared and forbidden, then the situation with listening to the radio was a bit different. In 1940-1941 it was forbidden, and radio receivers were confiscated. Later, radios were permitted. But in 1950-1951, the Soviets began to use special radio transmitters to jam the broadcasts which penetrated the USSR from abroad, in the languages of the nations which were trapped in the Soviet Union. A special network of radio transmitters was constructed all over the Soviet Union for this very purpose. Jamming was done in the whole spectrum of...

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