AM reciever with TDA1072A

Posted on Sep 16, 2012    8815

This reciever uses the TDA1072A which is a complete AM reciever on a chip and it only requires comparitively few peripheral components to complete a high quality AM radio Circuit. Unlike some other AM radio ICs, a minimum number of external tuned inductors are used to preserve reasonable performance, selectivity and quality of output. Only two of these, an RF input transformer and a single winding oscillator coil need be tuned either capacitively or inductively.

AM reciever with TDA1072A - image 1
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The device includes a controlled RF preamplifier, multiplicative balanced mixer, seperate local oscillator with gain control, a balanced full-wave detector, an audio preamplifier, internally linked AGC drive to RF and IF stages, adisplay amplifier for a f

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