10w 225-400mhz linear amplifier

Posted on Jul 5, 2012

This broadband amplifier covers the 225-400 MHz military communications band producing 10 watt RF output power and operating from a 28 volt supply. The amplifier can be used as a driver for higher power devices such as 2N6439 and MRF327. The circuit is designed to be driven by a 50 ohm source and operate into a nominal 50 ohm load. The input matching network consists of a section composed of C3, C4, Z2, C5 and C6. C2 is a dc blocking capacitor, and Tl is a 4:1 impedance ratio coaxial transformer. Z1 is a 50 ohm transmission line.

10w 225-400mhz linear amplifier
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A compensation network consisting of Rl, Cl, and LI is used to improve the input VSWR and flatten the gain response of the amplifier. L2 and a small ferrite bead make up the base bias choke. The output network is made up of a microstrip L-section consisting of Z3 and C7, and a high pass section consisting of C8 and L3. C8 also serves as a dc blocking capacitor. Collector decoupling is accomplished through the use of L4, L5, C9, C10, Cll, C12, and C13.

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