1880MHz internal bias circuit diagram of the amplifier application collector RF2324

As shown in FIG constituted by RF2324 1880MHz internal amplifier collector bias application circuit. Radio frequency (RF) signal from the input pin 3, via a preamplifier, after

the last stage power amplifier output is amplified by 7 feet. 3 feet directly coupled to the internal amplifier, thus blocking plus a 10pF of capacitance coupling, impedance matching at 1880MHz work to 50. 7 feet for the open collector output terminal can be connected to the power supply Vcc through choke or matching inductor, the pin impedance matching is typically 50, external output matching network allows the amplifier output impedance matching for maximum output power and efficiency. 1 foot for the power down control terminal. When VPD 2.8V 0.1V when (IPD is typically 8.5mA) circuit; when VPD 0.9V circuit closes. VPD requested additional RF bypass circuit.

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