6M 100W Linear Amplifier

Posted on Jan 22, 2013

100 W output at 50 MHz is available from this circuit. Ul and Q2 form a T-R relay driver, switching the amplifie

6M 100W Linear Amplifier
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r on when RF input at J1 is sensed. During receive periods, J1 and J2 are directly connected. A 13.8-V supply is required for this amplifier. C1—10 pF, ceramic disc. C2—0.01 polyester film. C3, C10—0.001, ceramic disc. C4, 06, C8, C9, C15-C19—0.1 . polyester film. C5—9- to 180-pF mica compression trimmer, Arco no. 463. c7—1000 pF, 6.3 V, aluminum electrolytic. Oil—120 pF, 100 V, silver mica. C12, C22—62 pF, 100 V, silver mica. C13, C14, C20—50- to 380-pF mica compression trimmer, Arco no. 465. C21-25- to 280-pF mica compression trimmer, Arco no. 464. D1—1N4002. D2—1N1200 stud-mount diode. D3, D4—1N414B. DS1— Green LEO. DS2—Red LED. FB1, FB3—Ferrite bead, Amldon no. FB43-901 or similar. FB2—VK-200 wide-band choke, 2Vi turns no. 24 solid wire on Amidon no. FB43-5111 ferrite core. qst J1, J2—Female RF connector (UHF, BNC, N, etc). J3—Phono jack. Kl. K2—SPDT relay, 12-V dc coll, Omron no. G5L112P-PS-DC12. Available from Digi-Key. L1, L2—4 turns no. 14 enam wire, 7/16 In. diam, 3/8 in. long. L3—2 turns no. 14 enam wire, 3/8 in. diam, h. in. long. L4—no. 14 -shaped wire loop, 3/8 in. diam, 9/18 in. finished length. Q1—MRF492. Q2—2N2222A. R1—5-W bias resistor (see text). R2—10, xh W, carbon comp. R3, R5—10 KOhmhm, V* W, carbon comp. R4—1, 1/4 W, carbon comp. R6—lOO-KOhm PC-board potentiometer. R7-R9—1 kti, V!» W, carbon comp. 51—DPDTminiature toggle. 52—SPSTminiature toggle. U1— LM358. Miscellaneous Suitable die-cast-aluminum enclosure and heat sink. Pair of binding posts or other suitable dc-supply connector. Two 1- 3-ln. strips of double-sided foam tape. Two LED holders. Seven no. 4-40 "/« in. machine screws.

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