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This amplifier utilizes a 2N6367 and a pair of 2N6368 transistors. The 2N6367 transistor is employed as a driver and is specified for up to 9 W (PEP) output. In the amplifier design the driver must supply on 5 W (PEP) at 30 MHz with a resulting !MD performance of about -37 to -38 dB. At lower operating frequencies, drive requirements drop to the 2-3 W (PEP) range and !MD performance improves to better than 40 dB.

80W-3-30mhz-amplifier - schematic

Two 2N6368 transistors are employed in the final stage of the transmitter design in a push-pull configuration. These devices are rated at 40 W (PEP) and -30 dB maximum !MD, although -35 dB performance is more typical for narrowband operation. Without frequency compensation, the completed amplifier can deliver 90 W (PEP) in the 25-30 MHz band with !MD performance down -30 dB. If only the power amplifier stage is frequency compensated, 95 W (PEP) can be obtained at 6-10 MHz.

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