830MHz RF2104 power amplifier schematic circuit configuration

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

As shown in FIG constituted by RF2104 830MHz *** amplifier circuit works. Radio frequency (RF) signal from 5 feet input, via a preamplifier, amplified by an amplifier stage aft

830MHz RF2104 power amplifier schematic circuit configuration
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er the end of the 12-pin output. 5 feet with DC voltage, 5 feet plus a DC blocking capacitor coupling, while in parallel with a shunt inductor (10nH), 5 feet input impedance of 50. 12,13 pin output terminal is connected inside the chip, usually 13-14 feet connected together externally as a signal output, the output matching network connected, the amplifier output impedance to match the impedance of the load pin 5 + j0 when available obtain maximum output power. 13-14 feet is also connected with an external power supply as the end of the final stage amplifier. 8 feet to power control pin (PC), you can control the pin is connected to 0V and 3V gain, thereby controlling power; when the gain control is not required, the foot may be connected to a fixed voltage of 2.5 ~ 3V; the feet to the inflow of 2.5V voltage pin maximum current 1mA.

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